Ageing Fearlessly Podcast

Episode 85 Opal Mining, One Woman’s Courageous Sea Change

July 11, 2021

In her late teens Vicki Bokros was managing bikini boutiques on the Queensland Gold Coast, a dream job for a young woman.  An acquaintance, who regularly visited the Gold Coast showed her some coloured glass. Each small piece had expensive price tags. Vicki's interest was piqued and off she went on a road trip to Lightning Ridge to learn more. This one trip sparked a sea change " from the ocean to the outback" followed by an apprenticeship as opal miner in a predominantly male town. A fascinating story of courage, determination, and success. 

#opalmining #opals #preciousgems #lightningridge #seachange #outbackaustralia #passion #courage #purpose #blackopal #gemstones

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